About Us

Rocanville Cross Country Ski Club - EVERYONE WELCOME!

Daily Fees    
Single Day Trail Fee     $5
Single Day Rental Fee – Equipment  $5
Single Day Family Trail & Rental Fee   $25
Annual Trail & Equipment Fees    
Single Adult Trail Fee - Annual $30
Single Adult Equipment rental - Annual $25
Single Youth Trail Fee - Annual  $20
Single Youth Equipment rental - Annual  $15
Family Trail Fee Registration - Annual  $70
Family Trail Equipment rental - Annual  $60
Jack Rabbit Program - Annual $20

Rocanville Cross Country Ski Club Executive:

Layne McFarlane – President (435-3689)
Audrey Bonkowski – Secretary (435-9680)
Cherie Thiessen – Treasurer-(645-2802)
Dennis Hack – Equipment coordinator (645-4341)
Melissa Lynnes – Membership coordinator

Rocanville Cross Country Ski Club Inc.

Membership in Club provides the opportunity for people to attend annual meetings and be able to vote on club resolutions.  

Club resolutions would relate to the following: 

  1. The governance and administration of the club.  
  2. Future trail development projects.     
  3. Future maintenance requirements for the trail.  
  4. Review of annual financial statements

Cost of membership is $5.00. 

People interested in membership should send a note requesting membership and $5 to Box 695, Rocanville, Sask. S0A 3L0. 

Anyone wishing more information regarding memberships should contact Layne McFarlane at (306) 435-9662.